Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The week I fell off the WW bandwagon, or so I thought.

Sorry I have been away so long. I have had a cold and some pneumonia and way too many things on my plate. Damn being a Taurus, in true Taurus stubborn style, I never like to ask for help. So I find myself overworked and underpaid and running like a chicken with it's head cut off. And, might I mention, that is not the kind of running that I enjoy.

To make a long, long, long, story short, I didn't track everything last week and some days I got around to tracking well after the fact. I found that I had used all my WP's and almost all of my AP's as well. I didn't exercise much, thanks to crappy snow. Have I mentioned that I HATE SNOW! I never thought I could hate snow, it's pretty and covers everything like a blanket and usually it is nice to look at that is unless you live here in NYC. Here in NYC usually after a day or two it becomes a slushy, dirty, nasty mess. And once it does that, it freezes over...everything and I do mean everything at least in my neighborhood was a sheet of ice. Here it is almost a full month after Snowpocalypse and the snow still remain, not to mention the garbage that still has not been picked up in my neighborhood. Well, ice and snow have not been kind to my running schedule and I simply have not had any time to get out to the gym. I have been working and coming home and sitting miserably waiting for the snow to disappear so that I can go outside and run, and run, and run. I really never thought I would hate snow, that is until I became a runner.

Now I know that many people would tell me to go run on the "dreadmill", the confession is this... I HATE the treadmill, almost as much as I hate the snow. I fell horrible on the treadmill, I am not motivated and I don't feel like I am being challenged enough. I have what they refer to as "Exercise Induced Asthma", meaning that my breathing only really bothers me when I exercise. I like to run outdoors because the temperatures and the air change, it helps my breathing, and I have only had to use my trusty inhaler a few times on the past few runs. I think that challenging my lungs outdoors will help me to run a better outdoor race as well. I also like the feeling of the asphalt under my shoes. There is something about the treadmill surface that bothers me. And I also like the sudden changes in the pavement, the ups the downs, and the inbetweens...I like that the changes are more sudden than the incline on treadmill. I like to run like I would run in a road race, on the unforgiving road.

Last week I signed up for another 5K and I am waiting for some other NYRR events to open up. Also, this Friday, I have my volunteer spot scheduled for my 9+1 guaranteed entry to the 2012 NYC Marathon. The way NYRR does it is, they expect you to run 9 NYRR qualifying race and volunteer for 1 NYRR event. The volunteering can be done during any NYRR event and it includes things like packet handout (the one I volunteered for), handing out water to the racers, medical positions (Docs and EMT's), and various other things. I could have volunterred for a medical spot, being an EMT, but it is a far more laborious process to sign up for one of those spots. So, I picked one that was easy, that I could get out of the way early.

I have a 4 miler coming up on February 6th and I feel super unprepared. I really have to get my butt out there...hopefully I look as good as good as I did on my last 4 miler, the Jingle Bell Jog.

Look at me go!!!

So, now for a I was wandering aroung today doing some errands, I happen to come across the path of a woman who was less fortunate than myself. Here I am, walking down the street after having spent $5 on a Starbucks Skinny Latte, having bought some fruit, and carrying my brand new netbook (this being the 1st time I am using it). She asked if I could help her out getting something to eat, so many people passed her up giving her dirty looks. It saddened me. You don't know the circumstances of why she is out there asking for money and to be able to swallow any kind of pride you had to beg takes guts. I reached in my wallet and gave her the four singles I had on me, if I had more I would have given it. Then this evening, I went down to Brighton Beach again and saw a man kneeling on a cardboard box, I saw that people were putting money in his cup. I figured that he would be ok with what he was getting, being as I only had 20 dollar bills on me. This gentleman wasn't beginning he was just kneeling there rocking back and forth, almost as if praying or meditating. That's when a young woman came up to me and asked me if I could spare a quarter. I gave her whatever change was in my wallet. Then, while waiting for my bus, I watched her ask passersby for quarters. These people sickened me, they walked past her with a look of disgust on their faces. They looked at this woman as though she was the dirt beneath the dirt, like she was the lowest thing on the planet. Some of these people walking by were wearing fur coats and carrying Coach mean you walk around like that and can't spare a damn quarter???? Was that quarter going to make or break you?? I doubt it. Now me, being me, had enough of this scene. I don't have much, that's for sure. I mainly only buy things out of necessity, but I could certainly spare a few dollars. I walked into the Dunkin Donuts and bought a hot chocolate to break the twenty I had. When I walked out the door, I stepped to my right and handed the young man a few dollars. The look he gave me said it all, heartbreak, thanks, appreciation for those who have some sort of a heart. I, then, walked back toward the bus stop where I handed the other dollars I had to the young woman. She, too, had that look of heartfelt thanks. I know that when I get on that bus I have a destination, I have an apartmrnt to go to. As small as it may be, and as much as I may bitch about it, it is warm and it keeps me out of the snow and rain, and I am safe there. I wish I could say the same about the three people who crossed my path today. I will never again take what I have for granted, no matter how small I think my apartment may be, it is more than some people have. I am thankful to have been reminded that I am blessed, because sometimes life gets in the way and we forget and take these things for granted. I feel better knowing that my little bit of help, may have made someones day better.

In other news, I am down another two pounds! And here I thought it was a bad week.

Til next time,

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