Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting those miles in!

Last night I picked up a handy, dandy Zipcar to get my daughter from New Jersey. During the week they offer a sleepover special, from 6 pm to 8:30 am for under 50 bucks. My intention this morning was to drop off the car and run the 1.3 miles home. 

Well, I managed to run it home but it was an illegitimate mile because I forgot my Nike+ receiver and the roads were icy. I buckled down and knew the only way I was getting home was either walking it or running it. I ran what I could and ended up walking way more than I would have liked to, but because of the ice it wasn't easy. The end result was my worst run EVER. Almost a 16 minute mile...WTF is that???

I have decided for my own mental health, that I am going to sit here for a minute, make sure I have my receiver, and go out and run a legit mile in an area that I know has been well maintained. Big news after I go run this mile! 

Stay tuned....

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