Monday, January 3, 2011

Pissed and stressed!

So, just a quick update. Today I had some dealings with someone who claims to be my friend. In actuality, she is a self serving miserable human being. She feels the need to be a "fame" whore, funny thing is she is only famous and wonderful in her own mind. She is the kind of person who feels she needs to upstage everyone, no matter what you do, she does it better. At this point, I am contemplating cutting off all dealings with her. With all that being said, I didn't pig out due to stress and general bad feelings. Yay me! Small victories all count in reaching my goals. I am also upset because I wasn't able to go and "run out" my bad feelings. Frigging icy roads! I have work tomorrow (normally my day off) and weigh in so I need my rest. Ok, rant over...good night!

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