Friday, January 7, 2011

Big Announcement, and the Stinking Flu

Ok, so I will keep you in suspense for a little bit longer, but not too much longer. I will start by saying that true to my word, I went out and ran a second mile yesterday. I charged my iPod for a few and this time I remembered my Nike+ receiver. I went to the shoe box and took out my babies (yes, I refer to my sneakers as my babies), I only wear these sneakers if I am going out to run. I grabbed my trusty inhaler and shoved it into the old sports bra, it keeps the inhaler secure and close to me. I hit Ocean Parkway and started on my usual route. I kept my pace moderate and tried not to sprint and go too crazy. Turns out that this happened to be (in my opinion) my most consistent run yet. I maintained a pace of about 10 min 30 sec/mile. I never had to use the inhaler, and I only stopped for 1 stop light. I was so relieved to have a truly consistent run. I was so excited that I planned to run again tonight...only one problem. I HAVE THE FLU! The stinking flu, complete with runny nose, chills, fever, and body aches. I wanted to run again, now I am disappointed. and to top it off, we are supposed to get snow over the weekend, no running again until after the weekend. I need to run, I need to run outside, I need to run immediately, there is a reason why and if you keep reading I will let you know after this other announcement. 

I have heard so many people talking about the benefits of yoga. How it will help my breathing and flexibility and overall running condition. I have been a little nervous to try, I was nervous about the commitment, I have now found it answer to my concerns. Bikram Yoga Bay Ridge...I was worried about traveling to go to a class and being miserable and hot and sweaty, now they offer a 7 day unlimited package for $20.00. I am going to try it next week!!! 

Now for the reason why I need to run, and I am now experiencing this need to try yoga...I have officially signed up for The Buffalo Marathon!!!!! I am not going to run the full marathon, I am going to do the half. I am going to finish this run, no matter how I have to do, walk, crawl, roll!!!! I don't care how I get it done but I will get it done. I know that I had said I signed up on Twitter, but tonight I reserved my room! The best news is that I have a roommate for the day and a running mate for the race...a lifetime WW member, fellow runner, and one of the most bad ass bitches I know. Wait for it...Wait for it...Suzi Storm!!! Watch out Buffalo, here we come!

Also, I want to send positive thoughts and best wishes for an awesome race to Trixie Mercury, who is running the Disney Half Marathon this weekend.  



  1. Hi Jenn,

    I just started following you and I love your blog. Please join my weight loss blog and lets support eachother!

    Awesome job on your success! YOU CAN DO IT GIRL!!
    See you soon,


  2. Thank you for the blog love. I am just trying to gain some footing with this combined weight loss and blogging thing. I am glad you enjoy my blog, and I have added your's to the ones I follow.

    You can achieve more than you can imagine! Good luck with your journey, I will be following along.