Friday, October 8, 2010

Why me!

Have you ever had one of those days? Wait, why am I asking that? We all have! One of those days there things start off bad and just progressively get worse. One of those days that can set all your hard work into the toilet. One of those days that set off the downward spiral!

Well, that pretty much sums up today. It started with me waking up late for work, I just started there! By the grace of I don't know who (I'm an atheist.), I made it there 15 minutes early. I was exhausted and somehow  managed to make it through the first part of the day.  Then about lunchtime I get a frantic text from my husband...the TV has sound but no picture. I don't have money for this now. I was saving money to join the Y, damn it! 

So, stressed, I head to lunch. At this point any appetite I had was gone. I know it is not good to not put some fuel in the old body, so I grab a large cup of grapes. I bring them back to work and nosh on them at my desk. I ended up eating only about half of them. But at least I didn't starve myself. 

My husband had an appointment today so I text him and ask how everything is. Well here comes the last straw, they are taking him to the ER. Now, I am not one to want to air his story, but needless to stay it won't be an overnight stay. And the messed up thing is, he was trying to get started on his new job. Now, I'm still at work, almost an hour from home and I certainly can't leave at this point. 

I am now tired and stressed and I want to sit and eat an entire box of Devil Dogs, a large pizza, maybe some McDonald's and some fried dumplings from the restaurant down the street. I WANT a HUGE chocolate root beer float and maybe a good cry! But for right now I am going to keep my cravings in check. If I can hold it together now, I am capable of more than I thought!


  1. Sending positive thoughts your way for: Success w/hub's surgery & a speedy recovery. Less stress for you and the strenghth not to reach for what for and put in your mouth - things you shouldn't. But DO be sure to eat well - you are not going to be any good to your husband if you aren't good to yourself first. Take care.

  2. I certainly hope your husband is ok. I'm glad you recognized that you wanted to turn to food for comfort and even more glad that you didn't do it. This is a pretty huge challenge you are dealing with right now. Go easy on yourself and take care of yourself.

  3. Thank you for the well wishes ladies! I am sure hubby will be fine, he just needs to take more time to take care of himself. I put him on the "you are on WW and you don't know it diet". LOL! My strength has won this time, I ordered Chinese food, but I checked out the WW site first and the Chinese Buffet cheat sheet. Even managed to have A LOT of food with very few points. My whole dinner came out to 9 points!!!!!