Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy December!

Sorry I haven't updated in forever. My life has been slightly crazy. I started this blog in the beginning of the month and I guess I will just continue it for all of you. 

Happy holiday season everyone! So far so good this month. I weighed in last week, although it was not my regular meeting. I was up by about .4 lbs, even after eating like crazy on Thanksgiving and not being able to go out and run. I consider that a serious victory.

I have been trying to get used to the PointsPlus program from Weight Watchers. I have been having a little problem though trying to get used to the fact that many of the point values of things I have in my house have changed. But the most exciting change is the ZERO POINTS FRUIT!!!! I love fruit, and usually begin every work day with an apple on my way to the train.

I have been trying to get back on the exercise horse after my little accident. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I went to the supermarket. I figured I would pick up my Zipcar and off I would go, it was late and I figured the store would be relatively uncrowded. So, I proceed to shop and I run into a neighbor. He asked if I wouldn't mind dropping him off at his building, I said ok. Now, I finish the shopping and check out. I bring the stuff outside and my neighbor watches the cart while I get the car. I am on the 2nd to last bag when it happens.....I was turning to put the bag in the trunk and down I go! Like a ton of friggin' bricks! Being as I am a Taurus to the core, VERY stubborn, I get up and insist I am ok. I am a little upset that I ruined my awesome new Old Navy fleece (it was the prettiest color blue), I have a few scrapes and bruises, and I am covered in Goya Olive juice, but I get in the car anyways. As I am driving I notice that my shirt is sticking to my chest (Thinking "Olive juice shouldn't be this sticky?!?). So, I look down my shirt. F#%$, F&*@, What the F^&%? I all I could say. I proceed to drive the 20 minutes home and have my husband come down with my daughter and get the groceries, then I calmly walk across the street to the ER. My friend Adrenaline is now gone and I am now having a meeting with my friend Pain, the hospital decided that I shoud be tested for pregnancy before they give me something for the pain (other than 2 stupid Tylenol). Well after pacing and sitting alternately for 3 hours, I am seen by the doctor. Who then tells me, "This is a nasty cut, you're going to need 7 stitches".....

"7 stitches??" Despite an entire back covered in tattoos and the urge to get some more, I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT like needles. And the last time I had stitches in my head to remove 3 cysts, I almost punched the doctor in the face. This doctor was pretty good I have to admit, most painful part being the local anesthesia, and thankfully she moved quick.  Now, I ask the burning question "Can I run??" I am told I will not be allowed to run for at least 8 days, when the stitches come out. Now, I panic. The Jingle Jog 4 Miler is in like 2 weeks, and I can't run to get ready for it. 

Fast forward 8 days, I go to the hospital to get the stitches out. I ask this doctor about running, he tells me no running for at least 5 more days. This brings my recovery time to the Thursday before the race. Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster!!!! I have to go buy winter running gear and a tacky Christmas shirt on Friday after work. Looks, like I am going to have to run this one cold.

It's now Saturday morning, and I am getting ready for the NYRR Jingle Bell Jog 4 Miler. I plan on meeting the wonderful ladies of WW there, SherylTrixieKitty, and  Carolyn. I get to Prospect Park and the race is almost about to start. I give up on trying to find anyone, I check my bag, stretch and enter the corral. I am nervous, I am not ready for this, not by a long shot. The race begins, I hit the starting line and swear I am going to die at some point during this. Alas, I didn't die! I finished the 4 miles in 51:11, with an average pace of 12:47 per mile. I am proud as I cross that finish line. Mind you, I am asthmatic and ran this without my inhaler. I even paused a little to walk and catch my breath and I even used the bathroom. I still made amazing time! At the end of the race, I find Sheryl and eventually run into Trixie as well. This is our 2nd time to gather finish line photos (the 3 of us ran the Tunnel to Towers 5k back in September), you can check out our original finish line photo here

Well, I have a long day ahead of me so I will end this with some photos from the race, as well as one I found of me from September (Holy Moly, I lost weight since then). This pictures are courtesy of Sheryl, thank you for allowing me to use these pictures!!!!

                                                       Sheryl and I at the Tunnel to Towers

                                                                Sheryl and I at the Jingle Jog!

And finally a finish line shot!!!! 


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