Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Buried in baggy!

This morning as I sit here having my morning tea, I think about getting ready for work. I think about the "endless" possibilities that hang in my closet. Ok, I'm kidding, there are no "endless" possibilities there. I have very few clothes, actually. 

The main reason I have so few clothes is discouragement. The fear and aggravation from clothes shopping has kept me from an ample wardrobe to fit my ample self. The feelings I get from walking into a dressing room are disgust and anger. Disgust at how I look and anger at myself for letting myself get out of control. I can not stand to try things on knowing they will not fit.

Lane Bryant is too big, every other store is too small. I am tired to buying things that fit around my stomach to end up having super baggy legs. And I am tired of buying things to fit my legs an having an entire dozen "muffin tops" hanging over the waist. I am tired of hiding behind stretchy pants or sweats, and over-sized t-shirts and baggy hoodies. I want to walk into a store and try on whatever I want. I am tired of not having stylish clothing because nothing looks right. 

Ok, rant over! Enjoy your day. 

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